Gear Review – DHB Aeron suit.

Cost – 96GBP/105euro

Experience – Owned since June 2018, 2 full & 1 half IM, multiple short races and training sessions.


Challenge Roth 2019 – water bottle in back pocket

This is my go-to suit and has served me well over the past year. While not perfect, it hits the correct balance for me. As is usual for a tri suit, sizing is important and size L worked well for me.

The fit was fine with everything smooth and aero, the legs were comfortable, and the material felt comfortable.


Swimming in this suit is ok, however the back pockets could be a source of drag. For me this is not important, as I normally wear a swim skin. In shorter races I am sure it is not very significant.

The shoulder flexibility was fine, however I normally roll is down under my swim skin or wetsuit, just to not have any shoulder restriction.


Suit works well in the bike. The chamois was fine for me, with no wear and tear after any race. This was with both a tri specific and a road saddle. It still looks good after a year. The suit feels aero with nothing flapping around on the bike. The big back pockets are great, but care needs to be taken not to overload. The flatter TT position and high pockets resulted in me loosing a couple of Gels during a race.

Solar hill


This suit was perfect for the run for me. The chamois was not felt and the close fit was perfect for holding sponges & ice in position. This is where the large back pockets are perfect, they were the correct size for a 300ml water bottle and anything else. (… This meant that I could top up the bottle at aid stations and still run normally. No bounce from the water bottle in the back pocket.


An excellent suit for the money, working better than many more expensive rivals. My go to race suit for any full or half ironman. Would probably not use for sprint distance races, without swim skin or needing storage, opting instead for a sleeveless suit with no pockets.

After one year, no signs of wear or tear, so seems like good quality.


I bought this suit with my own cash as personal equipment. My review is not influenced by the supplier. I might add an affiliate link in the future, however this will not affect the review.

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