Ironman / Half Ironman packing list

Like the title says… This was my list from last weekends race

Method…. I use some ikea tubs and set them up a few days before. If travelling by car, they get lids on and go with me. If travelling by plane, they get emptied and stuffed in my bags

Laid out for HIM Slovenia 2019

Rule: Nothing in the boxes must be untested, but I keep race gear separate from training gear over the last few days.

White bag (before and after)
Tri suit
Swim skin
Caps – race and personal
Goggles – 2 pairs
waterbottle (drink some before swim)
Cliff block or gel (one before swim)
Flip flops (for the walk from Transition)
Garmin on my wrist! – I keep mine under the neo during the race.
Timing Chip on left leg, facing out, under neo and rock solid.
Depending on the race conditions – waterproof sunscreen
After clothes
Shower Gel
Travel towel

Blue bike Bag
Start number belt
Bike helmet
Sunglasses or visor
Under helmet sweatband or bandana
4 salt tabs in a plastic bag – I only use them on hot races

Bike prep bag (normally I use the free rucksack when T1 opens in the morning)
Bike shoes
Elastics (to attach shoes to bike – I don’t do a flying mount just step in to them on the bike – much less faff in T1)
Bike Garmin
Bike bottles (one gel bottle on frame, one behind the saddle, one between the bars)
Cliff bars x 2 – cut in half in frame box.
Small paper with height profile, mechanics & aid stations – I write this on my arm as well.
Lubes – in case its been raining all night
Sachet of chamois lube in frame box
+ 1 handheld gel bottle for the run bag

Red Run bag
Run shoes
Run cap
Run Glasses
Cliff blocks
Spare pair of socks
Handheld gel bottle – added in morning. (See above)
4 salt tabs – only for hot races

Bike race ready…. small gear, tyres pumped and tools/tube etc stashed behind water bottle.

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