My Big Book List!

Only listing the books I really enjoyed, linked to my way of life….

I have read them at least once, and will probably read them again at some point.

I’ll sort them into a sensible order once I have finished trawling through my library! Will post new books to the top of this list, while I figure out how to blog it properly.

Really enjoyed this book…. captures the rivalry and the birth of the sport!
Good examples and techniques I have used….
Love the hacks in this book…. it got me somehow doing strength work!
Good fun read…. light heated look at the madness of IM life…
Kind of out there, but an enjoyable look at life…
in case you feel smug after cycling 180km…
Neo at 24.5degC!!! never!!!!
It’s the big book!
This resonates with me…. but only after a few years of training…
If you want to get inspired!
If you want to figure it out once you are inspired!
Best swimming book I have read…. got it on Kindle and paperback…
Also a good swim book – careful mixing it with Swim smooth!
Great read….with nice cross-overs to Born to Run
You’ll be buying flip flops after this book….
Rich’s journey inspired me to get my running shoes on!

Footnote – the above links to Amazon give me a small percentage of the purchase price but change nothing for the buyer. They have no influence on my opinion of the books. Also check out whether paperback is better for the big training books...

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