My Tri Toolkit

I did a race recently when my gear cable snapped and I managed to get to the mechanics on course. While they fixed my bike, I helped fix peoples bikes who came in….

I was was really surprised at the amount of people who came in asking for a hex key or something basic they should be carrying.

Thought I would share my toolkit! Let me know if I missed anything!
I have also affiliate linked where I bought the gear.

All items are stored in a small bottle cage pouch behind my saddle..

1. Carbon Micro pump
Tiny little pump, pain to use, but plan B if the CO2 is used up. Weighs almost nothing.

3. CO2 Adapter

The linked one has a screw valve – much better…. it’s in my road bike tool kit right now!

2. Puncture repair patches
Normally don’t use them, preferring a new tube… but as they weigh nothing, why not…

4. Multi-tool
Lots of different choices here… I like this one as it holds my quick links on the side. Important to have a chain tool on it.

Quick link storage

5. 11 speed quick links
Generic quick links, if I break my chain. Full chain will get replaced if this happens, so cheap links to get me round the race. Can be snapped into place without a tool.

6. CO2 Canisters
Don’t forget to get a couple of little neo sleeves to cover them… these get cold when you use them.

7. Tyre Leavers
I like these Schwalbe ones…. (slightly better than the ones in the picture)… Plus 3 makes life easier as you can work round a tight tyre.

8. Spare tube(s)
I use continental … take care on the valve length versus rim depth.. Depending on the race I will carry one or two.

9. Valve Extenders and tool
These weigh almost nothing and mean that I can for sure use any tube I beg, steal or borrow…

10. Cable Ties
Brilliant for quick bodges, a ton of different repairs.

Pretty much been using everything here for a few years now without problems. Other bits and bobs sometimes stashed…
1. Bit of spare cash..
2. 1m of Duct tape folded up on itself.
3. Sachet of chain lube
4. Tyre Boot (Made from an old Tyre)
5. Rear hanger
6. Cables
7. Latex gloves
8. Band aids
9. Single use wet wipes

Footnote – the above links to amazon give me a small percentage of the purchase price but change nothing for the buyer. They have no influence on my opinion of the gear. I would also check out for the same gear.