Big List of links…

List of links to sites & podcasts … pretty much my frequent visit list…
YouTube videos on all things tri….
YouTube videos on all things bike
Best sport tech review site out there
Hide your credit card…
Podcast on just about every topic with Rich (look up his book)
If it is not on Strava, It didn’t happen!
Hide your credit card…
The alternative…
The Ironman journey on facebook.
You know you are an Ironman when…. on facebook
Hosting my blog 🙂
Recording my suffering and pleasure… a must for data heads!
My coach…. look him up if you are serious and in Tirol..
Used Phil’s TrainingPeaks plan & support for my first IM… probably the best remote/online plan
Route planning that seems to work
Weather forecasts that seem to work… great for planning the weeks training
loose connection… but most of my packing lists or plans start on this app