IM becoming the centre of your life….

Ever start to wonder if it’s all taking over, but it’s impossible to let go….

I came to Ironman at 45…. after a knee injury forced me to move away from only running, which after six years had a firm grip on my life.

After moving over I have witnessed and been engulfed by a similar takeover by the IM/Tri addiction.

While on the whole, healthy for me… I learned, from having to give up on only running a few years ago, that doing some other stuff as well also helps me… particularly when speaking to non IM muggles!

Here is my list of other things I do, to try and have some identity outside of IM

1. I do some races in the individual sports… it’s so nice not having to pack and transition!

2. I read random books on other stuff… I love psychology and survival books…

3. Meditation

4. I love going for long walks in the wild… it’s nice to be able to slow down, have a cup of tea or take some photos

5. Cross training… this year it’s going to be cross country skiing.

6. Writing this blog!

7. Counselling …. I seem to be able to relate to people with some challenges of their own…

8. I tried Art, love the process… not so much the outcome! Still, sketching is a holiday hobby…

Let me know any other suggestions!

One thought on “IM becoming the centre of your life….

  1. Love your energy and passion. Can relate to the feeling from multisport and the desire to live life to 100%. Struggle sometimes in Austria to find other people on the same wavelength. Cheers Peter

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