Long Term Gear Review – Saucony Kinavara

I have been running in Kinavara since 2013. I have owned multiple pairs & versions. I thought I would share my impressions!

Oldest to current …. top left clockwise.
(I think I might need to fling out some old shoes)

This shoe doesn’t seem as mainstream as many, however I am observing a few people wearing them in races. I have lost count of the marathons, 5ks, half’s, IM and HIM I have done in them.

1. Fit – For me this works well, the toe box is just big enough, however there is not much room for error. If you are used to Altra you will find it tight.

2. Drop – these shoes are low drop, which is perfect for me. Enough padding for concrete paths. If I wear more than 4mm my form goes and my knees get sore.

3. Flexibility – Excellent, I am able to bend them, keeping things natural.

I like my shoes bendy!

4. Grip – Would Not recommend these shoes for trails, the grip is not good enough. Fine on roads… nothing much more…

Pretty much running on the textured foam…

5. Robustness – I get about 500km out of a pair… the tread seems to be first to go, and the upper feels not far behind. Normally I go though two pairs a year as I train in trail shoes in the winter. Typically I order a new pair 3 weeks before my A list race.

These broke though around 300km

6. Water retention – Ran a few Tris in these and find that they dry fast if you get them wet in race day showers or rain.

7. Weight – Nice and light… fine for race day.

8. Running without socks…, tried it once with these… not really my thing. Maybe it’s ok if you are used to it, for me was sore after about 10k.


My go-to pair of road shoes, the fit and lightness works for me… and seems to remain constant as they release new versions. Only drawback is that the tread could be more robust.

Here is a link to them on amazon…I would shop around… there seems to be a huge variation in price.

Saucony Kinavara 10

Note – The link above is affiliated with Amazon and I get a small payment from this. It does not effect the price or my opinion of the items! I have bought all these shoes with my own cash and have no ties to Saucony.

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