Off Season Motivation – 5 tips

It’s cold and dark, it’s a long time to any race… and the last thing I feel like doing is training!

First snow in the valley this year

The Christmas markets and mulled wine have more appeal than a brick session. I know it’s the off season… but it all seems to be slipping away!

Here are 5 things that work for me….

1. Swim, Swim, Swim

I keep up at least 3 swim sessions a week, staying connected with my stroke and working on technique problems. This is “money in the bank” for next season and the pool is alway open, no matter the weather.

Training Gold – A clear lane!

2. Cross Train

Time to do some non tri-stuff is fun for me… so far this year I have been gravel biking, ice skating, cross country skiing and hiking in the hills.

Gravel!!! Great fun…. not for the TT bike though…

3. Zwift

What a saviour! Training sessions, races, academy… they have all helped me stay sane. The thought of trying to do all that on a dumb turbo is horrible.

Check out my pain cave set-up –Here

4. Core Strength

This has been a 3x per week staple. Maybe not much fun, but I have started to notice some nice side effects. The first one is that I seem to have stopped making “old man noises” every time I get out an armchair.

Torture instruments laid out…

5. Kill the metrics

My current training peaks TSS score is down at 70ish and will stay there or lower until next year… I will drive it up to 120ish come racing season. Aim of my off season is to rebuild… plenty of time next year to have a stress score…. and it’s much better to take a break in December than burn out by June!

The TSS winter drops

Let me know if these tips were helpful!

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