• 5 things I am getting done just now…
    As the off-season is over and I am getting through some serious training hours, I thought it would be good to list some other stuff I am getting done. It’s not meant to be an exhaustive list… more the stuff I have forgotten in the past. 1. Arranging race accommodation When I raced HIM Slovenia … Read more
  • Flow
    I have been fortunate to find myself in what is sometimes know as a flow state during my training. This doesn’t happen every time… but maybe once or twice a week. I have read the books on „Zen“ running, but never found a good way to trigger this feeling. For me, this is not when … Read more
  • Winter Running – 10 things to get right!
    I love running in the winter… it’s a great time to get out and see the landscape at its finest. However it’s also really easy to get it wrong and be downright miserable! Here’s my top 10… The gear photos show old kit/versions because I have been using it all for a 2-7 years! 1. … Read more
  • What’s your Why?
    I read that to get though tough times on a race, you should be really clear on your “why”… I thought that I would examine the question this off-season… and the answer surprised me. What I thought the answer was… “To be fit and healthy, inspiring others to do the same” Unfortunately, this never ever … Read more
  • Training with a Coach
    After years of endurance sports learned from books and one year of online tri coaching, this year I decided that it was time to get a real coach. Getting started I had no idea what this would involve, with my only reference being 1980’s PE teachers! I had images of cross country running across icy … Read more