I have been fortunate to find myself in what is sometimes know as a flow state during my training. This doesn’t happen every time... but maybe once or twice a week. I have read the books on „Zen“ running, but never found a good way to trigger this feeling. For me, this is not when … Continue reading Flow

Moving in Pictures

I am immensely grateful at having the chance to live the Ironman lifestyle. I hear a lot of talk about the work and training. I see it as a privilege to live this way. https://www.strava.com/athletes/robwhittaker https://videopress.com/v/XAqZdDsv?preloadContent=metadata Random selection of this seasons fun Thanks to Simon Long for letting me use 2 of his amazing images... … Continue reading Moving in Pictures

Top 10 Tips – Merging Tri and Life as an age grouper

I intentionally didn’t call this post "balancing Tri & life". Mainly because I do not think it’s possible to balance your life perfectly.... and it suggests that there are not trade offs. For me, blending bringing up my kids, working full time, being a loving partner, brother, son and friend with IM training is a … Continue reading Top 10 Tips – Merging Tri and Life as an age grouper